About Neither/Both

Neither/Both is my Mixed-Race experience.

I am the daughter of a Black African father and White American mother.  I have found that my experience is similar to many different blends of Mixed-Race individuals, Transracial adoptees, and second-generation Americans.  The common experience is being neither and both, which may leave us wounded.  Sharing my experience is my contribution to my own healing and growth, and maybe yours.


One thought on “About Neither/Both

  1. Hi There,
    Thanks for liking my ‘3 Photographs’ post recently. I thought I’d check out your blog and I must admit I’m fascinated by your topic and the ideas you’re exploring here.

    You could say I am ‘mixed race’ in a way, in that I am Irish/Polish, but I live in England. Ironically I have been described as an ‘English Rose’ in the past which always makes me giggle because I am not English at all. I have however embraced English cultural, having lived here since I was 4, so in some ways I feel almost multi-cultural.

    I am proud of my background and yet I feel I have embraced British culture so strongly because I am sometimes unsure of my identity.

    Anyway, that’s just a few thoughts your blog inspired (there are way more where those came from), just thought I’d share them with you.

    Thanks again for liking my post.


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