About Mixed in Mpls

The purpose of Mixed in Mpls is to gather people and stories to understand the collective experience of being Mixed, Trans-Racial, Bi-Cultural (including being a monoracial Person of Color who regularly crosses culture), and Interracial in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Whether you grew up here, lived here all your life, moved here as an adult, or moved away and have some perspective – I want to hear from you! Through sharing our stories, I hope to build community and understanding, and serve as a resource for people who are exploring identity in a predominantly White little-big city.

I am Mixed-Race. The experience of being “neither/both” – living among and between two races/cultures – expands beyond being Mixed. I find the experience is similar to Trans-Racial adoptees and the children of immigrants growing up first generation in America. And frankly, the experience can be similar among anyone Of Color who regularly crosses culture. Our experience begins with our families of origin, so I also include parents of the community and people in interracial relationships.

Stories can be shared a number of ways. Answer the The Questions, write your own bio, create an essay, poetry – the format is open. You can share a picture and/or your contact information, promote a project you’re working on, or be completely anonymous. The main point is to give a voice to the experience of being Mixed in Mpls.

To send a submission to this blog, please contact me at neitherbothllc@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “About Mixed in Mpls

  1. I am a 52 year old biracial woman. Are there ways to meet other biracial people in person for discussion and friendship? I am only aware of blogs, websites and dating sites. It would be nice to participate in shared community and conversation.

    • That’s exactly what I want! That’s what I’m trying to do with Mixed in Mpls for our community here. I’ve recently started a Facebook group with the hopes of beginning online and eventually moving into in-person gatherings.

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