unpopular feelings

last night i finally acknowledged some feelings i’ve been having.  they’re not socially acceptable. as a kid, i wasn’t really interested in my dad.  he was hard to understand on the telephone with his accent and the international delay.  i didn’t know him, but mom or grama would hand me the phone with a look … Continue reading

April 2006, Mpls: Immediate Reflection

so i was sad to see that my journal ended abruptly after my breakdown about forgiving my mother, and myself for the way i reacted to her. there should have been descriptions of the village, the badagry, different relatives, my last minute breakdown at my dad, leaving. honestly now it’s been so long that the … Continue reading

August 2012: Reality

It’s an interesting time in my life, so many things are happening.  But in staying relevant to this blog, I have just graduated with a Masters in Counseling and did my thesis on Mixed Race Identity Development.  I’ve been thinking about Mixed-Race issues all my life, secretly, shamefully.  Only a few years ago did I … Continue reading