New Style Race Talks (12/15/12)

I facilitate a group in a treatment center where we talk about culture.  I’ve had a hard time with this group because, the concept is so broad.  I think I was a little too hung up in the beginning about the theoretical stuff because my obsession with race and identity took me to write a … Continue reading

Mixed in Mpls: Author. (11/7/13)

Here is the author of this blog’s Mixed in Mpls story. My mother is White, of Scandinavian descent, and my father is from Nigeria. I identify as both Biracial and Black, but not White. I believe that being Biracial is an experience, a mixed-race experience. Though many people look at me and know that I’m mixed, … Continue reading

Mixed in Mpls: L.

I am a biracial (black and white) woman from the suburbs. I identify myself as mixed. Both of my biological parents were present in my upbringing, and they taught me to expect racial comments and to prove them wrong. My sister (who is also mixed) experienced more racial issues than I but she also went … Continue reading

Mixed in Mpls: R.

R is a longtime friend to the author of this blog, and is one of the main inspirations for aligning the Mixed-Race experience with the Trans-Racial Adoptee experience. Her openness and support has been invaluable in the creation of this blog. Here is R’s Mixed in Mpls story. I am a Colombian-Amercian. Born to a Colombian family … Continue reading